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InformedCare Self-Management Suite provides detailed information enabling healthcare providers to prescribe timely information to meet specific needs of patients. This information enables patients to make important informed healthcare decisions and implement important behavioral changes. For many chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, the key to success is adherence to daily self-management behaviors. Regularly prescribed information can provide valuable and timely encouragement and medical compliance. InformedCare programs are developed by highly skilled healthcare professionals.


Experts track the patient’s progress through use of self-documenting InformedCare programs and scheduling systems to provide time specific patient information for inclusion in patient medical records. Experts monitor everything the patient saw, heard and responded to. A record of the patient’s activities is saved for physicians and healthcare organizations in the unlikely event it is needed for legal defence purposes. The evidence-based medical information is kept specific to help the patient at the right time, in the right place, enabling them to make correct decisions concerning their health. Patients have individual login which is secure and password protected, which can be viewed in any locations, as frequently as they like and at their own pace. They can record notes and ask any question about their care giver from within their program.


Comprehensive reports are provided to healthcare providers and care managers. With this information, they are able to assess the level of InformedCare program start and completion rates, the effectiveness of the program and survey results and outcomes. These reports also enable healthcare organizations to benchmark their progress against established national goals.


InformedCare Self-Management Suite is web-based and can be integrated with electronic medical records, patient portals, scheduling systems and in-room interactive systems.



Ensures the right information is prescribed to the right person at the right time.


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