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For Healthcare Providers

Now more than ever, Healthcare providers are accountable for improving outcomes despite falling reimbursements. Patient engagement is critical in this new world where reimbursement is tied to value.
We all know that in order to succeed, we must now do more with less. InformedCare’s programs can help your healthcare team build solid patient engagement solutions that measurably drive efficiency—reducing procedure cancellations and cutting down on length-of-stay.

For Hospitals

Ultimately, you can’t cut your way to profits. As a result, many organizations are already moving to new models of care. The focus is moving beyond the four walls of the hospital to population health management and medical homes. Patient engagement and empowerment are essential for these models. We deliver proven solutions that make this possible — reaching patients with targeted information to keep them prepared, compliant and healthy.
To meet healthcare’s rising challenges, patients are your most important asset. If you don’t engage and empower them, your competition will.

InformedCare online self-management suite provides patients with detailed medical information enabling them to understand the cause and results of their conditions and become engaged and effective partners with physicians and healthcare providers in the implementation of medical processes and lifestyle changes needed to enlace their on-going lifestyle. The self-management suite consists of eight modules to address the top chronic conditions as specified by the American Medical Association:

For Health Plans

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InformedCare’s Self-Management suite consists of eight modules to address the top chronic conditions as specified by the American Medical Association:

    • COPD
    • Coronary Artery Diseases
    • Depression
    • Lower Back Pain
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Failure
  • Hypertension

Health Literacy

Addressing health literacy and understanding is a fundamental strength of InformedCare courses. We pay attention to health literacy! Therefore, all patients should get information that’s easy to understand and leads to extension of their healthcare conversation. InformedCare’s programs are design to allow people towatch and understand them regardless of their educational or literacy level.


InformedCare programs allows grade-level reading concerns to engage patients to help ensure understanding. Our courses show, tell, explain and simplify information in ways that print publications can’t. They enable patients with various learning styles and reading abilities to watch, listen, and understand. A conversational voice defines essential medical terms in plain language and puts people at ease. This also ensures people don’t feel talked down to or patronized.


InformedCare courses have been developed with input from patients and focus groups. We also monitor the comments and questions people have for their doctors and healthcare providers via the InformedCare Assessment and Evaluation at the end of each course. We have a continual feedback method that enables us to see whether patients understand the programs and are asking their healthcare providers the right questions extending the healthcare conversation.




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